CS1.6 2004 World Ranking

The Gotfrag Official World Rankings are the official rankings used as a barometer for team impact and success in eSports. The Gotfrag World Rankings are updated periodically, usually every month, to reflect multiple varying factors that influence the skill, roster, worth and branding effectiveness of the top competitive teams.

Rank is decided via a poll to many of the top players, managers and businesses in eSports – those who have the proper understanding of current events required to create an effective rank. Individual ranks are combined to create the master list(s).

Counter-Strike World Rankings

Last Updated:   Monday September 13, 2004

1 Sweden Schroet Kommando 1 456 18
2 Sweden Team EYEballers +6 8 404 6
3 United States Team Rival +9 12 249 0
4 Denmark The Titans -2 2 221 0
5 United States Team NoA -2 3 135 0
6 Sweden Team spiXel -2 4 127 0
7 United States United 5 New 0 97 0
8 Finland Team Astralis +2 10 65 0
9 Finland Destination Skyline New 0 59 0
10 Germany Mousesports -4 6 38 0

Just Outside:   3D (15), mibr (6)

EYE may have won the battle at CPL, but SK.swe won the war with money. Hyper joined SK.swe giving the voters all they needed to feel that SK.swe was still the best team in the World. EYE put up a fight but it wasn’t enough while 3rd place finisher Rival followed them but at a very distant 249 points almost 200 off the pace. ESWC winner The Titans fit in comfortably at 4th with disappointing NoA next. SpiXel who was unable to attend CPL is 6th with the merger of u5/TSG at 7th. Finland shows its presences with two top ten World teams as both astralis and D-Skyline make the list just ahead of the plummeting mouz.

Counter-Strike North American Rankings

Last Updated:   Monday September 13, 2004

1 United States Team Rival +1 2 264 7
2 United States United 5 +2 4 257 5
3 United States Team 3D 3 240 4
4 United States Death is Eternal +8 12 140 0
5 United States Team zEx +2 7 90 0
6 Canada Evil Geniuses -1 5 82 0
7 United States Team TEC -1 6 68 0
8 Canada Team Nerve 8 36 0
9 Canada Heat New 0 32 0
10 United States Meepins 10 21 0

Just Outside:   Complexity (9), Forsaken (5), CaribOne (4)

It can’t get much closer between the top three in the North America. All should be decided at WCG USA as the top three all gun for the right to represent the USA. Rival holds the top spot on the strength of a 3rd place finish at CPL while u5’s merger and GGL victory push them over 3D. 3D jumped over D!E who was the 2nd place USA team with the Volcano acquisition and D!E’s relative newness on the rankings. Below was a free for all as zEx beats on the lot of EG and TEC. TEC’s inconsistency hurt them but they should come back up with a pretty strong roster. EG will need a good WCG Canada followed by a solid WCG Finals to reclaim lost spots above them. Two Canadian teams are just below TEC as they will look to jump in and take EG’s spot as the top team up North. The last team is controversial Meepins who found enough love to make its way onto the rankings.

Counter-Strike European Rankings

Last Updated:   Monday September 13, 2004

1 Sweden Schroet Kommando 1 316 15
2 Sweden Team EYEballers +3 5 240 1
3 Denmark The Titans -1 2 209 0
4 Sweden Team spiXel -1 3 138 0
5 Finland Team Astralis +2 7 84 0
6 Finland Destination Skyline +5 11 77 0
7 Germany Mousesports -3 4 72 0
8 Sweden Adrenaline 8 52 0
9 Germany Mortal Teamwork New 0 27 0
10 Sweden Gamers.nu 10 21 0

Just Outside:   GG (5), Virtus.pro (5)

Just like above EYE wasn’t enough to beat SK.swe while most of Europe watches the carnage in Sweden. The Titans look like one worth opponent but they recently suffered a loss in the Danish eSports League. Just behind them is ESWC runner-up who was unable to attend CPL, spiXel. Next comes two Finnish powerhouses with astralis who has dominated D-Sky, 4th place CPL finisher, in all the local events. German’s top team on the rankings is mouz who has fallen dramatically lately all the way down to 7th with the new look German team mTw, formerly OCRANA.ATI, at 9th. Sandwich around mTw is Adrenaline and Gamers.nu both missing that one big event to put them into the top five.

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