CS1.6 2008 World Ranking

Counter-Strike World Rankings

Last Updated: Wednesday June 25, 2008

Rankings Change Last Points FPV
1 Poland Meet Your Makers +1 2 348 11
2 Denmark mTw +1 3 293 2
3 Sweden Fnatic -2 1 291 8
4 Sweden SK Gaming 0 4 211 0
5 Finland Roccat 0 5 132 0
6 Germany mousesports +2 8 93 0
7 Brazil Made in Brazil 0 7 75 0
8 France emuLate -2 6 52 0
9 Germany Team Alternate 0 9 46 0
10 United States Evil Geniuses New 0 31 0
10 South Korea e-STRO 0 10 31 0

Just Outside: Virtus.pro – 16

Meet Your Makers is back on top. This is good news for the MYM squad who at the start of the year were reeling from an organization change and what looked like a little bit of burnout. From losing to the American EG squad (then eMg) at Extreme Masters LA they surged back to take the crown at Dreamhack, second at SEC 2008, and played very well at the KODE5 finals in Russia. Their perennial rivals, fnatic, are still close on their heels. After a few disappointing results at Dreamhack and the Extreme Masters Season II finals the chinks in their armor are beginning to show. Behind them is the ascendant mTw team is making waves in all the right ways after they crushed the then #1 team in the world fnatic at the KODE5 2007/2008 Grand Finals and placed top four at Dreamhack Summer. SK-Gaming just missed the podium as they are still looking for the magic the franchise once had. They�re getting closer by taking the Swedish ESWC qualifier from fnatic and scoring top four finishes at Dreamhack, KODE5, and EM2. Roccat without longtime member lurppis is on the right track to get out of its �close but no cigar rut� with a second place at Dreamhack. EM2 champs mouz round out the top five after their trouble at KODE5 in Russia. MiBR despite their roster changes still received a vote of confidence from the voters as they stayed in the top ten, and the relatively quiet WCG 07 champs emulate barely edge out Alternate for the ninth spot. Close behind Alternate is the upstart Americans, EG, and the Koreans , eStro. With Gamegune and eStars coming up there will be a good chance for these two teams to make some serious noise.

Counter-Strike North American Rankings

Last Updated: Wednesday June 25, 2008

Rankings Change Last Points FPV
1 United States Evil Geniuses 0 1 256 12
2 United States x3o 0 2 208 1
3 United States MoB Gaming New 0 150 0
4 Canada Sway Gaming New 0 53 0
4 United States 50 Calibre New 0 53 0
6 Canada Evil Geniuses +2 8 47 0
7 United States Guardians New 0 40 0
8 United States Frag Dominant New 0 38 0
9 United States Mug N’ Mouse -6 3 36 0
10 United States interPlay.zoi New 0 35 0

Just Outside: Frag Dominant – 28, Devastation – 28

It�s been a while since the rankings have been updated � and not a whole lot has changed at the top two spots. x3o is still fighting EG for the top spot in North America and is still one step behind. EG�s qualification for and performance at the KODE5 finals in Russia cemented their place at the top. Yet x3o and MoB�s qualification for ESWC will give these two teams a chance to overshadow EG if EG doesn�t qualify for ESWC at the ESWC Masters event in Paris (controversy aside). Rounding out the top five are two upstart teams that have grown in talent over the past few months. Sway Gaming has grown from being on the outskirts of greatness to one of the best teams in North America, and 50|Cal absorbed some of the better East Coast talent in order to take them to the next level. EG Canada�s roster moves have strengthened the team significantly since KODE5, and the return of the old zEx lineup to CS 1.6 has pushed the Guardians team straight into the top 10 without a performance under their belt. Rounding out the top 10 are the rebuilding squads Iniquity and Mug-N-Mouse and the up and coming team iPlay.zoi.

Counter-Strike European Rankings

Last Updated: Wednesday June 25, 2008

Rankings Change Last Points FPV
1 Poland Meet Your Makers +1 2 301 11
2 Denmark mTw +1 3 244 2
3 Sweden fnatic -2 1 211 4
4 Sweden SK Gaming 0 4 173 0
5 Finland Roccat 0 5 118 0
6 Germany mousesports +1 7 89 0
7 France emuLate -1 6 59 0
7 Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX +1 8 59 0
9 Russia Virtus.Pro +1 10 27 0
10 Denmark Spirit of Amiga New 0 18 0

Just Outside: Hell Raisers – 10

The reasons for the European Ranking directly relate to the World Ranking. So instead of retreading old territory I�ll discuss the teams not on the World Ranking. Virtus Pro with their powerful 3/5 Ukrainian roster comes in at 9th. Despite their recent troubles they have proven time and time again that they are the best in Russia and the countries that surround it. However they are losing their grasp as new talent is appearing on the scene and threatening their throne. Just look at KODE5 where Hell Raisers placed higher than they did. Rounding out the top ten is SoA who surprised the world by eliminating fnatic from the Extreme Masters Two group stage. They have under gone some roster changes since that stellar upset but still managed to place on par with fnatic and Alternate at Dreamhack.

Counter-Strike Asia-Pacific Rankings

Last Updated: Tuesday January 23, 2007

Rankings Change Last Points FPV
1 China X7-Hacker +2 3 156 0
2 South Korea Project_kr -1 1 132 1
3 China wNv.gm -1 2 96 0
4 China Star.ex New 0 96 0
5 Indonesia XcN 0 5 54 0

Just Outside: wNv.cn – 36, TitaNs – 31

Hacker.GM took full advantage of Star.ex not attending CPL Winter to turn its USA tour into a roaring success. After upsetting a few top teams in New York for WSVG Finals, they then went to Dallas where they put on a show placing as the highest Asian team. Project_kr was a step behind at CPL Winter and now in the ranking. Star.ex could have been a bigger story then Hacker.GM but never took the journey. XcN still holds onto the 5th spot as wNv.cn was a total bust at WSVG.

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