Counter-Strike 2005 Rankings Summary, Figures and Facts

Written By: gOrdii

Hi guys !

I’m back with the year 2005. Enjoy.

Intro : On the choice of tournaments : I only picked “top” international tournaments. Some medium level tournaments are missing, and I added some pretty weak tournament just for the sake of tradition, like the first GameGune in 2003.

I put the top8 for major tournaments like ESWC, WCG, CPL Summer/Winter and top6 for IEM as the format is weird. Otherwise, it’s the top4. It’s ordered from the most recent to the oldest tournament of the year.

I’ll release one year every 1-2 weeks.


CPL Winter

1.Sweden SK.swe (SpawN, fisker, vilden, ahl, SnajdaN) – $18,000
2.Korea Lunatic-Hai (rishNarchk, BeBe, cliper, enemy, mal) – $12,600
3.United States JMC (Latvia smo0g1er, zid, da bears,Canada royle,Canada evaN) – $8,400
4.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, Potti, zet, ins, walle) – $5,400
5.Brazil g3x (gAuLes, nak, bruno, ali, crash, BlooD) – $3,600
6.Sweden Begrip (f0rest, RobbaN, Tentpole, Calippo, IsKall) – $3,000
7.Norway Catch-Gamer (bsl, Naikon, zevy, juve9le, Juzam) – $1,800
8.United Kingdom 4K (Mangiacapra, aKuJii,Sweden GoodFella,Norway DaY,Finland natu) – $1,200


1.China wNv (sakula, alex, jungle, mikk, tK) – $50,000
2.Korea project_kr (ryu, ssamba, solo, loki, termi) – $30,000
3.Norway team9 (REAL, oops, Jungelbobo, xione, prb) – $7,000
4.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, Potti, ins, zet, walle) – $5,000

WEG Europe (qualifier)

1.Finland Wings (naSu, lurppis, barrack, Kuppi, Shiri)
2.Sweden NoA (Norway XeqtR,Norway DarK, speedi, kixer, Red)
3.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, Potti, ins, zet, walle)
4.Spain x6tence (MusambaN1, FlipiN, DrastyK, milicua, GuMmY)

CPL World Tour Chile

1.Brazil MiBR (cogu, btt, eduzin, pava, ton) – $5,000
2.United States united5 (CuZ, hanes, kmode, t0oL, hostile) – $2,000
3.Norway Catch-Gamer (bsl, Juzam, Naikon, zevy, juve9le) – $1,000
4.Brazil g3x (aliche, gAuLes, nak, crash ,bruno) – $800

CPL World Tour UK

1.Norway team9 (REAL, oops, Jungelbobo, xione, prb) – $5,000
2.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, Potti, ins, zet, walle) – $3,500
3.Norway Catch-Gamer (juve9le, bsl, Juzam, DaY, zevy) – $1,500
4.Sweden NoA (Norway XeqtR,Norway DarK, speedi, kixer, Red)


1.Germany Germany (roman, fleks, Kapio, Roman R., Blizzard) – 5 000 €
2.Bulgaria Bulgaria (Kanarko, Neek0, Dob1, G.Stoyanov, Ba6ta_V1) – 3 500 €
3.Austria Austria (sQuad, gore, PapsT, uLTi, hades) – 2 000 €
4.France France (MaT, OliGan, Genocide, dim2k, bisou) – 1 5000 €


1.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, walle, zet, ins, Potti) – 10 000 €
2.Spain x6tence (MusambaN1, FlipiN, DrastyK, milicua, GuMmY) – 6 000 €
3.Sweden EYE (archie, Bullen, Zad, cArn, dsn) – 3 000 €
4.France aAa (MaT, KaRa, Xc!teR, ScariuM, RoScO) – 1 000 €


1.United States coL (Warden, fRoD, sunman, Storm, tr1p) – $40,000
2.Denmark (whimp, zonic, spx, eGene, Drally) – $26,000
3.Germany mouz (Austria PapsT,Austria gore, Blizzard, neo, Roman R) – $18,000
4.Korea Lunatic-Hai (rishNarchk, BeBe, cliper, enemy, mal) – $12,000
5-8.France goodgame (Baldours, Issam, MaYeRs, dim2k, OliGan) – $6,000
5-8.China wNv (Jungle, alex, sakula, mikk, tK) – $6,000
5-8.Germany a-Losers (Bodo, DonKamilo, fragmaster, Kapio, ToM) – $6,000
5-8.Denmark Clan-it (hpx, Galahat, Bloddy, FaagaN, mJe) – $6,000

CPL Summer

1.Sweden SK (SpawN, fisker, vilden, ahl, SnajdaN) – $15,000
2.Canada EG (LaRi, In_Flames, shaGuar, stevenson, blackpanther) – $10,500
3.United States Rival (Ph33R, method, medias, torrez,Norway DarK) – $7,000
4.Canada JMC (Lin, evaN, Royle,Latvia sm0og1er,United States Gosu) – $4,500


1.Sweden Skolpojkarna2 (Snajdan, dsn, GoodFella, cArn, Red) – $10,400
2.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, Hyper, SpawN, ahl, vilden) – $3,000
3.Finland Marvel (contE, ruuit, toNppa, kononen, mkou) – $1,500
4.Sweden Fastlane (chea, ins, JonnyD, searcheR, get!)


1.Russia (Snoop, Sally, groove, F_1N, LeX) – $20,000
2.France Bz (HaRts, JoN1oP, R!Go, MonsteR, PoM) – $10,000
3.Belgium dk (Apollo, Azra, Bax, luce, Spacey) – $5,000
4.Korea Lunatic-Hai (rishNarchk, BeBe, cliper, enemy, mal)

CPL World Tour Brazil

1.Brazil MiBR (KIKO, cogu, pava, pred, xed) – $12,000
2.Sweden SSV Lehnitz (Magix, MegatoN, Snajdan, solido,Finland diGitaL) – $7,000
3.Brazil GameCrashers (btt, rdz, ton, cky, Lance) – $4,000
4.Brazil g3x (aliche, gAuLeS, Crash, bruno, nak) – $2,000


1.Sweden Begrip (Tentpole, f0rest, IsKall, callipo, RobbaN) – $50,000
2.Norway Catch-Gamer (bsl, juve9le, Juzam, DaY, zevy) – $30,000
3.United Kingdom 4K (Norway elemeNt, Mangiacapra, aKujii,Sweden Goodfella,Sweden Red) – $7,000
4.China AbitStrike (Freestyle, Kyurc, 117, WoW, LaiXiLaiXi, szero) – $5,000


1.Poland Pentagram (TaZ, Neo, LUq, napalm, zibi) – $15,000
2.Denmark (eGene, calc, whimp, Drally, spx) – $10,000
3.Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX (r4id, nitro, voodoo, mooN, silver) – $4,000
4.Finland astralis (tihOp, KuviCk, GuardiaN, bloodR, NicoustiE)

CPL World Tour Spain

1.Germany mouz (Austria PapsT,Austria gore, Roman R, Blizzard, neo) – $10,000
2.United States coL (Warden, fRoD, sunman, Storm, tr1p) – $5,000
3.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, vilden, Hyper, ahl, SpawN) – $3,000
4.France goodgame (Baldours, MaYeRs, YoRliN, OliGan, dim2k) – $2,000


1.Norway NoA (XeqtR, Naikon, elemeNt,Canada shaGuar,United States method) – $50,000
2.Sweden 4K (United Kingdom Mangiacapra,United Kingdom aKuJii, GoodFella, Red, Snajdan) – $20,000
3.Germany mousesports (Austria gore, Blizzard, neo, Roman R,United States hare) – $10,000
4.United States GamerCo (Ph33R, exodus,Norway DarK, torrez, hanes) – $7,000


1.Sweden Skolpojkarna (Snajdan, zaffe, Nebb, dsn, Zad) – $8,900
2.Sweden embrace (f0rest, Tentpole, RobbaN, VonoX, solido) – $3,700
3.Sweden mTw (zaki, Robin, speedi, knet, draken) – $2,200
4.Sweden e-star (hsv, chea, Rwa, get!, JonnyD)

CPL World Tour Turkey

1.Norway Catch-Gamer (bsl, DaY, juve9le, Juzam, Luke)
2.Russia M19 (400kg, kALbI4, malish, Medic, NooK)
3.Turkey quash (chaos, Jave, mafia, TankJR, Undertaker)
4.Sweden mTw (kixer, Robin, Rwa, speedi, zaki)

Medal Tally

1.Sweden Sweden (6 gold-6 silver-4 bronze : 16 total)
2.Norway Norway (3-1-3 : 7)
3.Germany Germany (2-0-3 : 5)
4.Brazil Brazil (2-0-1 : 3)
5.United States USA (1-2-2 : 5)
6.Russia Russia (1-1-0 : 2)
7.Finland Finland (1-0-1 : 2)
8.Poland Poland (1-0-0 : 1)
8.China China (1-0-0 : 1)
10.Denmark Denmark (0-2-0 : 2)
10.Korea South Korea (0-2-0 : 2)
12.France France (0-1-0 : 1)
12.Canada Canada (0-1-0 : 1)
12.Spain Spain (0-1-0 : 1)
12.Bulgaria Bulgaria (0-1-0 : 1)
16.Belgium Belgium (0-0-1 : 1)
16.United Kingdom United Kingdom (0-0-1 : 1)
16.Turkey Turkey (0-0-1 : 1)
16.Austria Austria (0-0-1 : 1)

Facts & thoughts.

– After a pretty quiet year 2004, 2005 saw an explosion in terms of number of tournaments. WEG appeared in Asia, CPL World Tour gave two good tournaments in Europe, ACON5 would become KODE5 and it was the first edition of SEC.

– Despite that, only 2 major tournaments were played that year : ESWC and CPL Winter. WCG was played on CS:Source and CPL Summer was a low tournament as it took place while ESWC.

– The first tournament of the year saw the rise of a trio who would rule CS for the next years : f0rest, RobbaN and Tentpole. Nobody expected their second place at Optihack with embrace. Then they joined Begrip and won WEG 2, making them virtually the best team in the world. Then, we don’t know what really happened, but they skipped all the tournaments of the year, except the CPL Winter where they ended with a good 6th place.

– Skolpojkarna 1 & 2. Mix teams winning big Scandinavian tournaments, it was kind of a revolution. The “school boys” proved that raw skill (but not “top notch tactics”) was enough to beat the best… Well, when you got GoodFella, Snajdan or cArn in you team, it helps.

– Winning ESWC with coL gave to sunman the unofficial title of Mister ESWC : 2nd with zEx in 2003, 4th with tsg in 2004 and 1st with coL in 2005. Cool résumé.

– The Poles Neo, taz and LUq grabbed their first gold medal at SEC. But it was the beta version of the great Poland team, the Golden Five would born one year later.

– A podium Russia-France-Belgium at ACON5, that was unexpected (to say the least). coL, and aTTaX were at that tournament, but they all failed.

– No Swedish team in the top8 at ESWC, that was a first (and it remains unique at the moment) ! icsu crashed in the first group stage against teamArt and Hostile, while NiP failed to pass its second group stage because of mouz, x6 and coL. SK failed to qualify for the tournament and instead went to Dallas to win an easy CPL Summer.

– The young Finns entered the scene in 2005. After a failed CPL Spain, lurppis and his buddies swept the WEG Europe qualifier and went to live 6 weeks in Korea. Kuppi and Shiri were 19, lurppis and barrack 17 and naSu 15. Precocious guys.

– An even more impressive story for the Norwegians of team9. They litteraly crushed everyone at the CPL UK, then qualified for WEG 3 where they ended with a bronze medal. In a few months, they were a top5 world team. REAL was 16, prb 17, xione and oops 19.

– WEG 3 was the first gold medal for an Asian team. The wNv players were almost unplayable during the whole tournament. And the final was 100% asian as project_kr finished 2nd.

– The year ended with a crazy good CPL Winter where JMC surprisingly saved the pride of their nation. coL and 3D failed pretty hard at that tournament.

– Noone was able to dominate that year. Only two teams won two tournaments : SK and MiBR (and Skolpojkarna, but it was two different mix anyway).

– Nobody knew it at that time, but the CPL Winter was the last big tournament for Potti. He became “temporarily” inactive later, but actually never came back. Overall, he was probably the best player of the years 2000-2005.

If you spotted some mistakes in the lineups or a missing tournament, just leave a comment, I’ll modify it.

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