Karpov’s Playbook : SSV Lehnitz


Brian “karpov” Johnson takes a look at SSV Lehnitz’s recent second place CPL Brazil finish via a playbook. Look inside for an indepth breakdown of SSV’s tactics and style of play.
Art By AZTKIt’s every Counter Strike team’s dream to win a major international tournament. Win one they call you a fluke. Place well at two and they call you lucky. Do well at 3 in a row and avoiding breaking up (see NiP) and you might just be deemed an International powerhouse.

After placing poorly at Rixhack, a prominent Swedish LAN, SSV Lehnitz refueled their roster and has recorded a first place finish at the ACON5 Nordic Grand Finals, and a second place finish at CPL Brazil.

With two excellent tournaments behind them, SSV Lehnitz is in route towards becoming the next big thing in Counter Strike. And you know how karpov feels about the next big thing…PLAYBOOK THEM.

I proudly present to you, the Counter Strike Fans of the world, a look at the strategies SSV Lehnitz used at CPL Brazil.

SSV Lehnitz CPL Brazil Roster:


* Note: this playbook does NOT include de_inferno — for a detailed look at SSV Lehnitz on de_inferno check out Karpov’s ACON5 Nordic Finals Recap

A big thanks goes out to BigC and woo^^ for making this article possible!


All strategies and obersavtions were made possible with this demo: http://www.gotfrag.com/portal/demos/12576/

Offense [Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round


Magix, MegatoN, and solido hold in Storage Area 2 (SA2).


diGital holds the bomb in Storage Area 1 (SA1), and waits for his team to begin their push to middle via SA2 steps.


sNajdan walks sewers slowly down to squeaky door. He opens it in a coordinated rush with his teamates on SA2 steps.

Eco Rounds


Glock only full blitz right.

Anti-Eco Rounds


SSV sets up in a hold.


sNajdan works middle.

Default Gun Round Strategy



sNajdan works the left ramp at a full blitz. Notice the placement of his flashes.


solido and Magix work middle with flash bangs and aggressive ak’s.


diGital slowly works his way to the grate in search of rotating opposition.

Secondary Gun Round Strategy


sNajdan holds the left flank. Magix holds the middle / right flank. The rest of the team walks sewers to squeaky door.



Magix tosses all of his nades up middle to force a rotation from the opposition.


Magix and sNajdan then rotate to SA2 staircase and SSV attacks the right bombsite (left bombsite from ct point of view).

Defense [Counter Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round



sNajdan, MegatoN, and solido do a nice stack in middle.


diGital peaks grate.


Magix peaks into SA2 steps.

Eco Rounds


sNajdan blitzes SA2 steps and flashes into SA2. The rest of the team rushes middle and attacks SA2


sNajdan blitzes middle to SA1. The rest of the team rushes kitty ramp and attacks SA1.


A nice creative stack on the boxes just off of kitty ramp.

Anti-Eco Rounds


Magix and diGital play the left togther (Magix usualy plays left alone.)

Left Bombsite


Magix likes to awp the left from these two angles.


If there is smoke on SA2 steps or an aggressive flash, Magix and diGital set up in a crossfire on SA2 steps.


Magix plays behind this box when broke.

Right Bombsite Setup #1



diGital watches middle from the left side in order to shift faster to grate.


sNajdan primes a nade and puts himself at an angle behind the ramp boxes. solido and MegatoN are on top of the boxes. When they shoot sNajdan throws his nade.

Right Bombsite Setup #2



sNajdan watches middle from the right.


MegatoN and solido stack on the boxes just off the kitty ramp.

Right Bombsite Setup #3



diGital begins the round watching middle from the left side high box.


sNajdan starts off the round in sewers.


MegatoN and solido creativly stack and focus on the kitty ramp.

Right Bombsite Setup #4



sNajdan primes a nade. MegatoN and solido stack on the boxes just off kitty ramp.


diGital watches middle from the right.

Finer Points

* SSV tside strategies are very basic, and rely heavily on out aiming you. Play passive and use your nades wisely.
* SSV does not use the AWP tside.
* SSV is very impatient, play it slow when you are attacking.
* sNajdan loves to move around, you never know where he is going to play from defensivly.
* More often than not, MegatoN defensive position is inside the right bombsite on the highbox.


All strategies and obersavtions were made possible with this demo: http://www.gotfrag.com/portal/demos/12567/

Offense [Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round


Everyone buys glock armor and rushes out the hut into squeaky door and back to ramp (sNajdan holds the bomb in the staging area and avoids taking any damage)



Eco Rounds


Magix holds the bomb inside and prepares to flash for his teamates who approach mini garage from the outside.


Anti-Eco Rounds


sNajdan and Magix work outside slowly. The remaining SSV members hold the staging area.

Default Gun Round Strategy


The goal of SSV’s default is to pinch ramp room.


solido begins almost every gun round spamming here.


From there solido watches the hut flank.


diGital begins almost every gun round spamming here.


MegatoN uses a barage of nades to creep up to this porition of wrap around in ramp room.


sNajdan, diGital, and Magix then quickly move around redbox, to big garage, to window room (outside) and sandwich the ramp.

Secondary Gun Round Strategy


The first spawn opens up squeaky door with a flash.


The remaining SSV memembers toss smoke grenades and flash bangs out the squeaky door and blitz.


One of the SSV players falls back and watches the flank.

Defense [Counter Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round


Magix and diGital play the ramp room.


diGital aggressivly pushes and Magix falls back to help outside.


sNajdan and solido spot inside from rafters.


MegatoN watches outside from CT spawn box.



This is SSV’s setup almost every round. Magix plays ramp alone. diGital watches outside from window room. solidio watches the hut window / squeaky from behind the inside right vent. MegatoN watches the hut opening from behind the inside box. sNajdan will be in the rafters or on top of the hut.

Ramp Room Bombsite


diGital helps Magix set up in the ramp room.


From there Magix is on his own and does alot of peaking over this box to spot any approaching opposition.

Upper Bombsite


solido comes inside lower every round. He seldomly nades. From there he moves behind the right vent.


MegatoN flashes hut from rafters and then drops down. He always checks hut for an initial rush. From there MegatoN hides behind the inside box.


sNajdan typically plays in the rafters.



diGital plays outside from the window room



diGital is amazing at the upper spam from the vents. He always shifts to lower if the upper bombsite is taken over and spams the vents.

Finer Points

* SSV has two strategies on their offensive side: ramp pinch or inside squeaky fast.
* solido is always in the same spot.
* SSV does not activly watch outside CT side.
* SSV plays only 1 person in ramp room…sounds like a recipe for disaster (someone should run SSV’s default against them).


All strategies and obersavtions were made possible with this demo: http://www.gotfrag.com/portal/demos/12554/

Offense [Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round



sNajdan spots middle. Magix smokes double doors and flashes over the wall. The rest of the team crouch walks Terrorist side of catwalk. Once in position Magix tosses a flash up catwalk and SSV rushes cat.

Eco Rounds


solido takes the bomb B and delay plants. The rest of the team works long A slowly.

Anti-Eco Rounds



SSV walks slow B on anti-eco rounds. They spam the B wall to great extent.

Default Gun Round Strategy



Magix and solido hold middle passivly.


sNajdan watches the long A flank.


MegatoN and diGital hold cat.


From there MegatoN slow peaks catwalk OR


MegatoN, sNajdan, and solido nade catwalk and blitz.

Secondary Gun Round Strategy


sNajdan works catwalk aggressivly to take pressure off of his teamates working long quickly.


SSV doesn’t have any set method to taking long A…other than all out rushing. Once the chokepoint is cleared a barage of nades is tossed into the 2nd chokepoint and bombsite A.

Nade Catwalk Gun Round Strategy



sNajdan spots middle then holds the middle / right flank. The rest of the team slowly walks B halls. solido holds B flank and the remaining SSV members walk into lower B halls and nade cat. From there SSV rushes cat and attacks A.

Bombsite B Pinch Gun Round Strategy


sNajdan holds the middle / long A flank. The rest of the team approches middle from B halls. solido stays in upper B halls to watch the flank.


MegatoN, diGital, and Magix smoke and flash CT spawn.


The trio then approach the B bombsite via backdoor. Once backdoor has been established soildo begins to sandwich or “pinch” the bombsite from the halls.

Defense [Counter Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round


SSV runs a 1-4.


diGital watches B from the window.


MegatoN and solido stack catwalk box.


Magix and sNajdan watch long A. Notice the primed nade.

Eco Rounds


sNajdan and Magix stack at long A.


MegatoN and solido stack in B.

Anti-Eco Rounds


Bombsite A


This is one of my all time favorite setups. Magix watching long from the left box, with diGital upfront and sNajdan in the back.


sNajdan then rotates to middle and watches both middle and catwalk.


The second setup involves aggresive cat play by diGital and Magix.


Magix awps over the top of the A green boxes from time to time.

Bombsite B


In setup number one both solido and MegatoN are in bombsite B.


From time to time MegatoN will rotate out of the bombsite and focus on middle.


In the second setup sNajdan triples the Middle / B area (note the cts play aggressive on cat in the second setup.)

Finer Points

* SSV’s loves to work catwalk on the offensive side. Look out for a few fast paced 3 – 2 rushes as well as super coreographed nades.
* SSV almost never attacks bombsite B. It is very obvious when they do (spam, nades, etc.)
* sNajdan moves around alot defensivly. Figure out where he is and the bulk of SSV’s defense is there too.
* SSV does not smoke middle to cross it. They always cross middle in the back. Some handy AWP work could cost them a few rounds.
* SSV usually plays catwalk passivly. Use your nades wisely in the bombsite rather than bombarding catwalk.


All strategies and obersavtions were made possible with this demo: http://www.gotfrag.com/portal/demos/12575/

Offense [Terrorist Side]

Pistol Round

Not Recorded in HLTV

Eco Rounds


sNajdan blitzes inside with smokes and flashes. The rest of the team delays out middle.


Inside upper blitz.


Ladder blitz.

Default Gun Round Strategy



sNajdan and Magix smoke nuke train from ladder room and progress up the ladder train.


MegatoN flashes middle.


diGital and solido throw a barage of flashes approaching the alley and over the right box. They smoke the left side.


When default is ran slowly, diGital and solido stack on the alley corner.

Secondary Gun Round Strategy


MegatoN holds middle and the remaining SSV members split inside.


sNajdan and diGital toss smokes inside upper and hit the bombsite in sync with


Magix and solido tossing smokes and flashes lower.


Plant or not sNajdan’s first instinct is to sit in this spot. I’ve seen three demos now with sNajdan using this corner…i’m convinced it should be named after him.

Middle Nade Gun Round Strategy



The entire team lines up against middle wall and nades down the middle / alley train.


From there MegatoN holds middle. The remaining SSV members attack alley slowly with a barage of nades thrown to the right.


Middle Pick Gun Round Strategy


MegatoN stacks ontop of Magix and solido’s head and peaks middle.


sNajdan watches the inside flank and diGital watches the alley flank.

Alley Pick Gun Round Strategy



sNajdan holds the inside flank.


MegatoN flashes alley from middle.


The remaining SSV members approach alley slowly and setup ontop of the boxes.


From there all nades are thrown to the left and a rush to the right is initiated.

Defense [Counter Terrorist Side]

Not Recorded in HLTV

Finer Points

* MegatoN is going to be alone in the middle almost every round.
* SSV does not play terrorist middle aggressivly. Do not be afraid to go out zhall and attack ladder room.
* SSV’s main focal point of attack is the alley.

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