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By: Mark Cheben

GotFrag managed to ask Christer “fisker” Eriksson a few questions regarding his leaving NiP and joining up with NoA and about his gaming career in general. Eriksson was a member of the world renowned Schroet Kommando team that swept virtually every event in 2003. Following contractual disputes at the end of 2004 the Swedish CS team left SK and reformed the legendary CS team NiP. He joins Team NoA which has an impressive history at events, placing first at their last two recent major events. Now on to the interview!

What caused the split with the players of NiP?

We were not satisfied with what SK offered us, not much more to add there.

Did the recruitment of Hyper and Vilden strain relations between you and the other teammates?

Let’s just say that my respect for someone went straight to the ground.

What was the reason for you not being in the starting lineup in ECG, was it something the team decided or you?

I know for sure that I didn’t decide anything in NiP, “the team” decided that I was going to be 7th player.

Everyone noticed that you did not participate in ECG when hyper became ill, was that the breaking point and what led to it?

The breaking point for me was when I didn’t get to be the 6th player. As a 7th player in a very active team, my chance of playing is as big as 0, I might get to play if 2 or 3 in the team dies.

What is your version of the story behind leaving SK and recreating NiP?


A lot of people have derided your performance towards the end of SK as sub par, how do you answer your critics?

Well, that is true I played bad the 2 last tournaments but every player has bad tournaments right? What HeatoN said about me being with my girlfriend a lot, that’s plain bullshit to be honest. We had weekdays off so instead of going out clubbing I was with her, I’ve always been available for practice and everything, so that means I was with her at a maximum of 2 days/week but yeah that is a lot of time! Otherwise, right now I feel happy to be starting off with a new team. I’ve had a break from cs for a while and I think you need bigger breaks sometimes to boost your motivation.

Do you think it will it be difficult to play with North American players and why?

Since I’m used to speak fast in Swedish I think it’ll be pretty rough in the beginning but I’ll adept to that pretty quick. Otherwise I don’t see any problem, all of them are skilled players.

How hard is it to leave the NiP/SK team after being a part of the organization for such a long time and having one of the most dominating years in eSports (2003)?

Of course it’s hard, but it was necessary for me. I want to play and in NiP I wasn’t in the starting lineup so there isn’t much left to do there. I hope to have a great time with these fellas now instead, and win a lot of tournaments!

Will you be taking over element’s positions or will NoA retool their strategies to incorporate you?

We haven’t discussed that so much since I joined a couple of days ago, but I’ll be where XeqtR wants me.

Why NoA instead of the other top teams especially those based more in Scandinavia?

I see the potential and strength to win in NoA and that’s what I want, to win. A bunch of great guys is not negative either.

How would you describe the attitude and atmosphere at NoA compared to that at NiP?

Haven’t been with the guys much except on tournaments, but when I’ve met them they’ve all been great so we’re not going to have any problem there. The NiP guys were great as well of course and I miss being with them and the staff at Inferno-Online(you’re gonna thank me for this Iffe, one free toast!), but I’m looking forward to play with NoA at the moment.

Have you played with the NoA members before, and which of the players in particular have you wanted to play with and why?

I’ve just played a couple of pugs with them, not a pcw. I didn’t think about playing with other players, but it’s going to be great testing something new.

Looking back at how you got into Counter-Strike professionally do you have any tips to give our readers about how to become a pro-gamer and join high caliber teams?

There isn’t much tips to give, practice hard and have luck to be seen.

What was the most challenging match you have played so far on LAN and why?

It must have been the SK vs SpiXel game on Nollelva, 10 straight rounds for a tie, man I got so hard in my pants after that game.

What particular aspects of NoA are you looking forward to the most?

aspect of the monkey

WEG recently concluded their first season with your new team winning it. From what you heard about the event, are you looking forward to spending
some time in Korea and competing?

Yeah, I haven’t heard so much about it though. But I’m looking forward to do something new for a change. I’ve been to Asia before and the people there are very friendly and kind, the only thing I’m worrying about is the food 😀

SK was pretty active all year round where NOA takes extended breaks. Do you think that will improve your focus on the game?

When you play as much as they, I don’t think you play focused all the time. We’ve talked about that a lot of times, some guys want to play a lot and some guys want to play less. I think NoA’s schedule will fit me good.

NOA and NIP have both been out spoken about continuing 1.6, do you see yourself switching to CS:S one day?

Depends if they adapt CS:S to what the gamers want, then I might switch to it but not otherwise I think.
It also depends much on what the tournaments choose, but at the moment I think cs 1.6 is better

Does your position in NoA afford you the chance to play CS full time?

Yes it does, I have home.. car..

How is your relationship with the members of NiP?

The same as before, still love them.

What are you goals outside of playing e-Sports?

To be a pro-wrestler.

Any future event you looking forward to competing with NoA?


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