Destination Natu : Whats A Finn To DO


Mark “Jesuit” Cheben caught up with Joona “natu” Leppänen and asked some questions surrounding his departure from Destination Skyline and his joining Astralis. Leppänen had been a longtime member of Destination Skyline and placed 9-12th at CPL Winter 2004 with DSky.

Snadjan’s absence for WEG left DSky inactive for about a month, how did this inactivity influence your decision to leave DSky?

As Snajdan was in Korea things started to happen, Nebb lost his interest to counterstrike for instance and some other things that i’ll just rather not comment on in public.

Astralis’s lineup contains 3/5 of DSky’s CPL line-up from CPL winter 2004, with the changes DSky underwent does Astralis feel more like home and why?

When you play for a team for 16 months it obviously feels weird to represent another team all of a sudden. After all the recent events in the team I just felt that I had put all I could to DSky and it was time to move on. Astralis needed a player and a “leader figure” so I couldn’t say no.

Earlier this year you were banned from Clanbase for cheating, how did this effect team dynamics within DSky?

Not in a slightest way.

How do you think your game play is affected by these heavy roster changes, building up the teamwork from scratch once again, and then leaving a new DSky to relearn your teamwork with Astralis?

Don’t think that’ll be a big of an issue as we all know each others as players. We’ve played together and against each other so many times it’s not gonna take long for things to click.

DSky and Astralis seem to always be recruiting the other’s players, why is this and does this affect teamwork?

Well DSky and Astralis have been the topdog’s of the Finnish scene for a long while and we’ve always had the most experienced players in Finland, so that’s why I guess. As long as we can keep this line-up together throughout the upcoming tournament season there should be no problems with teamwork.

Do you think that Finland’s chance of success at international levels is hurt by the constant player movement and unstable rosters?

It’s always negative when you’ve got shaky line-ups, but I’m confident this will last long.

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