KIKO on elemeNt’s removal


Trevor “midway” Schmidt had an opportunity to ask Carlos “KIKOOOOO” Segal a few questions about Ola “elemeNt” Moum’s departure from MiBR. Segal, a very dominant rifle player, recently returned to MiBR following CPL Winter, and attended CPL Spain with the team. Heres what he had to say:

Interview with MiBR|KIKO
Conducted by: Trevor “midway” Schmidt

What do you think of Element’s departure?

I think is really a pity, since the team has a lot of potential with his contribution. We will really miss his ability to take care of everybody’s position in the game.

What do you think was the main reason for his removal from the team?

The reason is clear. We have a very important tournament to attend beginning on May 26th and it is really not acceptable that the captain, the guy responsible for strategy , the one who needs to take care of what needs to change in the players tactics is not able to practice. We know that we have a long way until the team can be considered a top team, despite of having really good skills and we need to practice as soon as possible in order to achieve this objective. He was removed because he was not able to commit to this. He was very good at playing but needs to be good preparing the team too and for that he needs to practice a lot with the team. Seams to me, that Paulo (the owner of mibr) didn’t have confidence in elemeNt’s commitment to the practice schedule.

How did you get along personally with Element?

Good, no problem at all.

Was there anyone on your team who has any personal issues with Element?

All the players had a good relationship with him. He’s a very nice guy. Again, the players did not determine elemeNt’s removal. It was Paulo’s responsibility, but I understand his decision.

How big of a deal was it not having Element be able to speak Portuguese being on mibr?

I don’t think was a big issue. In the beginning it is really a problem, but with a feel more practice, he would learn some key words to play. It happened with bsl and vesslan.

Beyond his ability to not be able to speak Portuguese, what other reasons was he removed?

I believe the only reason was because of the training schedule, no other reason.

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