The Man Of The Hour : Quick Interviewed

Trevor “midway” Schmidt had a chance to ask Miguel “quick” Bonett a few questions about his temporary home at NoA and what lies ahead for him. Bonett has played for teams like A-Laget, esu, team9, and Adrenaline. Recently he has been a promoter for QPad as well as played on the mix-team Q-team at Rixhack with the one, the only, our own Mr. Schmidt.

Big return for you on a big stage, how do you feel about the chance to play for NoA?

It feels great, the more I think about it the happier I get. It feels like it was ages since I competed and I haven’t felt this hyped since I joined esu. 😉

How did this come about and did your stellar play with me at Rixhack really set you up for this chance?

Well, I would lie to you if I told you I didn’t think about how it would be to start playing after Rixhack but it didn’t take many rounds on public to get my head straight. I had a really fun time playing with you and rest of the guys and I think that feeling had some to do with this.

Have you heard what happen with fisker and what the situation is with him?

I don’t know anything about him at the moment or why he didn’t want to go to WEG. But my guess is that it has something to do with the NiP guys leaving the team.

What do you feel is your chances individually to play well at WEG coming into a World Class team like NoA?

It’s impossible to say at the moment, my motivation haven’t been this high since I started playing CS but as you all know I haven’t played in almost one year so we will just have to wait and see. My thoughts about this are that I will play better then I did my last year but that’s just me. When it comes down to it, it’s all about heart and focus in game.

You have had a chance to play with XeqtR in Adrenaline, how much of an impact was it for you to join NoA since he is their team leader?

Don’t know exactly, but I know we both liked playing together and that we work well together in a team and I know the rest of the team pretty good since the LA boot camp. So to answer your question, I think it has a lot of impact since the guys and X knows what they are getting.

Strat wise how do you feel your role in NoA will develop, with some accomplished AWP’s already on team your strong rifle play should be a big help?

We haven’t discussed those issues yet but I guess my role will be with a rifle. And I don’t put much of a trust in my awp skills now days 😉

Obviously QPAD will miss you on their tour, what was their reaction to the move and the development?

I will only miss 1 event which is Dreamhack but we have already got a good representative for us there which will be presented later. And their reaction is almost more positive than me. 😀

How will you be making it up to QPAD and has any deal between QPAD and NoA been made?

No deal has been made, all contact between NoA and QPAD is through me. I will go to WEG in QPAD’s name of course, and I will try to represent both QPAD and NoA in the best way possible.

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