HeatoN Answers Tough NiP Questions


Interview by: Trevor “Midway” Schmidt

Well this has all been pretty crazy with the four players leaving NiP, can you explain what led up to their departure?

Well, let’s just say I don’t think all the players in the team had the same goal, and the interest to put down as much time as needed to be a top team today. So we where about to change our starting roster a little bit and that started some internal problems and here we are today.

Do you wish their departure had gone differently and what would you have changed to make that possible?

As you all could see, the team didn’t work so changes were needed. In some ways I really think it was good, but still, losing a player like SpawN is NEVER good. So if I could have changed something to make him stay, that would have been it.

In an interview conducted with Vilden on Fragbite, he suggested that the reason for the departure of the four members was due to an issue with you, can you tell us what that was?

Sure, I mean I wasn’t satisfied with the team, both result wise and attitude wise, and the other guys didn’t agree on what was the problem, at least they didn’t say so, probably just to stand up for each other since they are all really good friends.

How much of an issue has it been for the team not being able to win CPL Spain, Rixhack and then ACON Nordic? 

A huge issue, I mean if we would have won some of the tournaments, I doubt we would have any problems at all today.

Obviously the team was probably looking at changes following those events but did the departure of all four members fit with those possible plans?

No our plan was to take in 1 or 2 new players, and take back potti in the starting five, but losing 4 players is a really big loss.

There are not a lot of free agent players out there to pick up right now, can we expect NiP to try and recruit players from other teams and have you looked at possible pick ups yet?

Sure, we already have some new players that are going to be official soon, but I mean its really hard since almost every good player nowadays are going to Korea or are under contract, but I’m really satisfied with the players we have got to us.

Have you thought of departing NiP to join a new team or will NiP be remade?

No, never, NiP is my home and I’ll stay here until I quit playing cs, and with the new team coming up I feel really confident to become the best team in the world again in the near future.

What is the next event we can expect to see NiP attending?

The ESWC Qualifier at DreamHack, at June 16th

Obviously you expect the return of NiP to be more successful, but do you feel that your recent play has lessened the accomplishments of the original NiP team?

No I mean, the accomplishments of the old NiP team are in a class of its own, NO TEAM will never be that successful again, its impossible!, But I really think that we will live up to the NiP reputation of being the worlds best team in the near future.

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