Sweden’s 10 MVPs


Written By: gREYKARN


What’s MVP? It’s short for Most Valuable Player. In a lot of sports it’s very common to award players in the teams/leagues/tournaments with the title of MVP. In this article will I rank Swedens most valuable players, and give a honourable “SoGamed MVP Award” to the number one, the head honcho of all players combined.

MVP is not about aim, reflexes, team play or any other direct quantifiable skill. No, rather it’s about being invaluable for your team, which I will explain a bit more in detail through the ranking. And remember, this is just my personal opinions and thoughts, and it will always stay that way, rankings based on a subjective view point will never be an exact science. It’s a result of I attending at CPL, Optihack, SEL, Nollelva and some other events during 2004, but also reflections from my friends in the community, and, of course, and a lot of demo watching.

Editorial and translation credits to Nebb


Forest (No team)

This is my harlequin. Make no mistake though; he’s not alone, f0rest could be together with Tentpole on this topic/position, because in my eyes, this guys is a couple. A dynamic duo that gave Embrace the 2nd spot on Optihack and have scared a lot of elite players/teams on the internet.

These are two upcoming stars, especially forest (Tentpole has been around for a while) that’s going to get a lot of offers from different teams and organisations, I’m sure of.. I really believe in these two guys and they are for sure two of the most promising new talents out there.


Speedi (mTw.ATI)

I want to call Speedi a young promising talent, but he really isn’t that young anymore. 20 year-old Michel is known as a kind and nice guy, but also a really good player who has made his career through a lot of semi-elite teams, up to this point. Now, Speedi is the key player in mTw.ATI and made his big breakthrough in Sweden during some months last year when he played with his teammates in ICSU/Team Viruz. They played very good at two RZ LANs and also played a superb tournament at the big Nolllelva LAN-event where they beat teams such as SK, EYE and Spixel.

Speedi is a crazy guy in-game, as well as in reality. He is playing very aggressively and is good with both guns and rifles. Speedi will develop even more the next year, how much depending on which situations he will play in, and in what teams.


cArn (Begrip)

Patrik “cArn” Sättermon is pretty shy and quiet in real life. I have met him several times and I always get a bit frustrated about his character. This all change as soon as he gets in front of the keyboard, and Patrik transforms into cArn. He becomes an aggressive team captain that’s controlling the whole team and sends orders what everybody should do, all in a strict but nice way. His way of controlling his team in-game was one of the key factors to Begrips success at CPL. Carn was feared during his time in Xperience.se and Skåre Guerilla when his AWP and 1onX situations could demoralize any team. Today, he is perhaps not known for his skill compared to the others but cArn is a much more stable player today and a better in-game leader. Carn is a really good addition to any team, that’s why he’s ranked number eight.


Spawn (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

Abdi is probably the best aimer in the world but he is not the most valuable player in NiP right now. He is a very good player, maybe the best player individually in the world, but it doesn’t matter in this case. He is a big-impact player but not on the team leading / social and team spirit side. He is an amazing player buts that enough to get ranked before his other three teammates. Spawn is just a crazy killermachine, that’s enough to have him on the 7th spot.


Vilden (Ninjas in Pyjamas) Vilden doesn’t have the best reactions or the best AWP-handling in the world, but his CPL Awping is so wicked. He can take down any team on any map with his superb way of playing with the sniper rifle.

Vilden and his comradeHyper are two really bad losers, that’s why they’re good friends and really good winners, as well.

All this EYE / NiP / SK transfer-things surrounding Vilden & Hyper have given me the insight that those two players will not give up and give away titles as WCG and ESWC Champion this year. It will be painful to win against NiP in 2005. Bad losers work harder than any others to make sure they DONT lose, rather then making sure they win. Of course, in the end, the result is the same.


Dsn (Begrip)

Dsn has been around for a while in the Swedish CS scene now. He has played in different Swedish teams, such as Gamepoint, Xperience.se and Gamers.nu. A lot of people in the scene hadn’t even noticed him before, but during CPL Summer 2004 he made himself a name worldwide when he lead Begrip to an amazing 4th place at the CPL.

Dsns playing style is characteristically smart. He plays very a very intelligent game and has a perfect game- and map knowledge. He is also a calm player that never stops communicating with his team-mates. Harley “dsn” Orwall will surely be a key player for his team in the future if he keeps playing. He is quitting upper secondary school this spring and I hope to see a lot more of Harley in 2005. These are his own words:
– I feel confident in my own abilities, and I’m looking forward to compete this year.


Heaton (Ninjas in Pyjamas ) Emil is one of the biggest stars within E-sports, probably the biggest together with Fatality, but in my eyes, Heaton is a dedicated team player, not a lone gun. His passion for winning and being the in best team at every point is the force that takes Emil further all the time. He has perfect in-game communication, a great understanding team play, as well as a great character outside the computer life. He is the perfect team player.

Even if he has played with basically same guys for all his life, I think Emil would easily fit into any other team. Send him to USA or Korea and he would adjust to any team there, trust me.

Everybody playing together with Heaton gets a self-confidence and can just focus on their game. That’s his strength and I really believe that Heaton is going to show us the winning style of playing Counter-strike once again during 2005, because he is not entirely satisfied with his teams performance during 2004. NiP have four ranked players in this list so honestly believe that they will not fail this time.


Walle (EYE / No team)
Dennis ”walle” Wallenberg symbolizes the perfect playing harmony. He never gets stressed up and sends positive signals to the rest of the team throughout the games. Add to this his extreme skill; probably the second best aimer in world. His use of guns, AWP and rifles is unmatched.

He has been one of the most successful players during 2004 with amazing results all year (2nd with Spixel @ ESWC, 1st with Spixel @ OsloLan, 2nd with EYE @ CPL Winter).

After playing in different semi-elite teams in Sweden for a while, he decided to join up with his friends at the local internet café LuLan. He took the leadership in the team and made LuLan a SEL team and a stable top 10 team in Sweden. The rumour about walle was spread and due to some internal conflicts in LuLan he decided to play with up-north super-team Spixel. He became the shining star in Spixel and led them to an impressive 2nd spot at ESWC. After some time in Spixel, he and Bullen decided to play with EYE during CPL Winter and Optihack. They placed 2nd at CPL which is fine, but didn’t play totally focused and serious at Optihack, so they ended up at an embarassing 5-6th. Walle has been a key player in his latest three teams (LuLan, Spixel and EYE) and will by all means continue to do so.He has made himself a respected name worldwide, and is, for sure, a force to be reckoned.


Hyper (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

The biggest strength of the newly formed team NiP right now is winning mentality. Hyper, Heaton and Vilden are three strong-minded guys that really hate to loose, and of course love to win. Hyper is the first-choice of the three kings, he hasn’t lost any attended tournament during 2004 except the fourth place on WCG. He won the CXG show-match, RZ, CPL Summer 2004 and Nollelva. He didn’t play ESWC or CPL Winter.

Hyper is a complete product, a complete player. He has amazing aim, incredible game knowledge, in-game leading qualities and a good tactical understanding. He always plays on the top of his game, I’ve never seen Hyper play randomly or not totally focused, every little decision he does is well-planned, and perfectly executed. For example I couldn’t see Hyper in that EYE-team that went to Optihack to place 5-6th. He would never let his team go that far into the mess, he would simply had called a “time out”, and got his team together, no matter the costs.

My choice of Hyper as the most valuable player in Sweden is obvious. Hyper makes huge impact on every team he plays with nowadays. He has developed into a key player that’s giving a team the extra edge to be able to stand out of the rest, a lot of this due to Hypers presence. MVP is just about this impact, it can of course be by crazy fraggin’, but more often than not it can also be about a lot of different skills that’s makes a player extremely valuable for a team. Hyper is the most valuable player in Sweden. Period.

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