The Hacking Epidemic


Article by Tom “r3aper” Wilson
Art by Ben “abx” Miller

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Everyone who is anyone knows that the CS community has a serious issue with cheaters. The point that I am going to bring across is not that there aren’t cheaters, but rather who is a cheater and who isn’t. My current team is hard pressed to find a scrim these days where the other team doesn’t call us hackers or just kick us. I think that this is a problem with a lot of teams; I can’t imagine that other teams out there don’t have the same issue.

The problem here is that the egos of these players are incredibly high. Have you ever made an incredible shot that not even you knows how you made it? Well, if you have been playing awhile you probably make them on a regular basis. On that note, how many times during a scrim has someone called you a hacker for it? I think that every CS player has been called a cheater at one time or another. How many times have you called someone a cheater because they made a really nice shot on you? Does anyone else think this is a problem?

I know there are hackers in CS but how fast are we to make a judgment. I have been kicked from a scrim in the second round, and that is ridiculous. In fact, I don’t think anyone has the right to accuse anyone until they have seen a first person demo of the subject. I have told my teammates that if they think anyone cheats to keep your mouth shut and just play the game. This has helped us in two ways. The first is respect; we have gained respect from a lot of teams because we respected them. The second is that we have become a better comeback team. We get our heads in the game instead of on the “cheater”. This has helped us in matches to stay focused on our game instead of everyone else’s. In most cases the guy we thought was cheating actually came out to be a perfectly honest player, and it seemed more like a lucky shot or spam instead of cheats.

If most teams were to play an undercover Team3D or coL, 90% of the time they would call them cheaters. What if 3D and coL played in CAL Open? They would be disputed every single match just because they weren’t supposed to be that good. I don’t know if anyone else has realized that the lines that separate CAL-O / IM / M / P are skewed. They have been for at least the last 3 seasons.

My Advice would be to evaluate yourself before you accuse anyone of anything. There is no such thing as blatant cheater unless you’re watching his POV demo. You just cannot tell if someone is cheating if you are playing against them; it’s nearly impossible. First realize that you are not the best player ever, and secondly realize that there are teams out there that are better. Knowing that, learn from losing. It’s better to lose and learn then to win and learn nothing. Take a loss as a loss for once and stop being so paranoid about cheaters. They do exist, but in every scrim you play? Not likely.

Cheating movies are something everyone knows about also. Is a 30 FPS movie a good depiction of what the player is really seeing? If anyone has seen Frod the Clairvoyant you know he’s an amazing player. If you were to take just the walling clips out of that movie and put it as a hack movie with the name blurred out, the community would be up in arms calling that player a cheater. I can make a movie about anyone that incriminates them as a cheater. Give me the demo and I can make them a cheater, it’s not hard. How much faith can you put in the movie maker?

To end this I want to ask the community to support clean scrims and to stop being so paranoid. There are cheaters like I mentioned, but it’s not likely you have a cheater in every scrim, so stop acting like it. Evaluate yourself and know you aren’t the best player out there, and neither are your teammates. So learn from losing, I know it’s hard. The next thing is, let’s try to keep scrims clean, with no trash talking. Nothing is worse than playing a bunch of ego kids. My team is at the point where we just kick the other team if they can’t keep a maturity level above 7th grade. Why stand for it? Adults, start taking this game back and stop letting kids get away with this behavior. All member of my team are 18+ and we act like it. We expect respectable clean play and you should also, anything else would be uncivilized ;p. So let’s rally around the good stuff.

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