What Counter-Strike Used To Be….


What Counter-Strike used to be, and what it is becoming.

Article by Brad “bgilb” Gilbert

This is a community-submitted editorial and as such does not necessarily reflect the opinions of GotFrag or its advertisers

Before Steam, playing CS was no doubt very fun. Every kill would reward you with your amount of money in the right hand corner turning green for just a little. Even if you were a pro at the game all the small things would still make it enjoyable. After a while, for me at least, the fun was purely in getting awesome looking headshots; I was almost disgusted with myself if I resorted to having to spray an enemy down. Everything was fast paced, and sometimes your life in the game would only last fifteen seconds with some other player making an incredible shot and taking your head off as you ran past the double doors. You would just sit there on the edge of your seat waiting for the round to restart.

Back then any map was fun – it didn’t matter if you had to rescue hostages or blow up tactical nuclear devices – all that mattered is that you were fragging. You could almost imagine CS was a strategic version of Quake 3, with just a hint of reality. At times you would wonder if the game was realistic or not, but it wouldn’t matter at all to you because the game was still fun, even if it took you a whole thirty bullets to take out one enemy. I remember back then playing with pros was an experience, not a time to sit there and call them hackers. If someone was better than you, you accepted it.

What has it become? With each update, it’s almost like we’re getting further and further away from what CS used to be. Honestly, Valve isn’t helping. Was Valve there making the game when the first beta came out? As you must all be aware, the answer is obviously no. Valve came onto the scene purely for the money. Now it is not the voice of the veterans heard by Valve, only that of the players who have been playing for a year tops. These are the people who constantly blame the game as the cause of their noticeable lack of skill. Here’s a wake up call for you people: The players that kill you consistently have probably been playing for ten times the amount of time you have put in. When is Valve going to just look at the numbers and realize that CS 1.6 still tops off at 75,000 users, while Source sits there with a measly 15,000, barely beating out Condition Zero. Please, Valve, please pay attention for once and FINALLY listen to a veteran. Your players aren’t looking for an America’s Army clone; they’re looking for Counter-Strike.

What needs to be done with Source:

Bring the game back as close to the original CS as possible, although I must admit there were some things that Valve implemented which were very helpful, such as the 1.6 style exploding smoke.

Here is a list of a lot of things I see missing from Source:

– When your HP drops below 30 it no longer turns red.
– Wall sparks no longer exist. Even though this isn’t realistic, it was in the original CS and helps people aim better.
– Bring back the quick-silence; this was not an exploit, but a mere habit.
– Bring back the 1.6 style smoke, before 1.6 and now the smoke was and is useless, 1.6 really improved this.
– Sounds: I understand you’re trying to make CS more up to date, but some of the original M4 and AK sounds really added life to the game.
– Wall shots: Although unrealistic, this separated veterans from mere mortals.
– Headshots: I loved the way I knew I had really hurt someone; either I would see the massive sparks from their helmet, or I would see tons of blood gush from their head.
– Back then when you were hurt you would make a grunt sound accompanied by a flesh tearing sound. I miss the sound of these in my ears 🙁

I understand this is a lot to ask, but please, Valve, for once would you listen to the past? Back then CS used to hit 150,000 users at once. Source now only has a tenth of that. Many people complain about the game being too unrealistic, but looking back it is plain to see that the game’s flirting with the line between realism and fakery is what made Counter-Strike as successful as it is today.

This is a community-submitted editorial and as such does not necessarily reflect the opinions of GotFrag or its advertisers

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