elemeNts of A Trade


By: Trevor Schmidt

Every top move turns into the perpetual question of “Who got the better end of the deal?” Most of the time the answer is obvious, team A lost a player while team B got the player. Team B was the winner. Today’s breaking news of Ola “Element” Moum joining mibr while Christer “Fisker” Eriksson replaces him in NoA isn’t so simple.

The Loser

This one is so obvious that it hurts, NiP. They lose a top player and what makes it worse, he joins their greatest enemy. I think the main thing to remember here is that Eriksson wanted to come to NoA. He made the choice and now he’s looking forward to playing against NiP according to Gary “Siege” Sanchez, NoA’s manager.

“That’s one thing he made clear, he’s definitely looking forward to playing versus NiP,” said Sanchez, “But then again most competitors enjoy playing their previous team. His personality and style seems to fit in well with our team so this transition felt natural, I’d assume more so than with NiP.”

Obviously Sanchez is playing the role of nice guy. Eriksson’s departure from NiP has to be difficult. Just look at ECG where the team refused to play without Daniel “Hyper” Kuusisto basically snubbing Eriksson. On top of that, ever try being a 7th wheel? Everyone knew sooner or later someone would be unhappy and depart, only so much playing time to go around.

Still, NiP has tons of talent and don’t get down on them, they are still probably the top team talent wise in the CS community with six unbelievable players.

The Draw

Everyone is shouting from the rooftops that mibr is now a team to look out for, hold on and slow down. While mibr was loaded before the addition of Moum, they still aren’t like any team that he has played with before. All of his previous teams were stacked with Scandinavian talent.

Also there’s a perception among some that Moum is the main factor for his team’s winning. I’m not sure that is true. Moum has always been one of the most solid players on any of his teams. He really controls the defensive side while putting up strong offensive numbers. Alone though, he doesn’t have the explosiveness to carry a team to a tournament title, he’s an important piece though. In steps Raphael “cogu” Camargo, his frag totals come mostly from the AWP, 58%, and he is one of the top AWPer’s in the World.

Still head to head I’m not sure he’s better than Danny “fRoD” Montaner or Griffin “Shaguar” Benger. Same can be said down the line about most of the mibr players. This team is now a serious threat to upset a top team at every tournament they attend, but I’m not sure they are quite ready to beat NoA, NiP, coL and more in back to back matches of a tournament format.

If the team can fit the pieces together and find a playing style that fits them the best they could become quite a force. Still five members communicating in a language that isn’t anyone’s first language sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The Winner

Look at NoA. Think back to their ESWC humiliation, losing to TSG and not even making it out of group play. The key to that loss was over confidence. I don’t want to pin that on one person because Griffin “Shaguar” Benger and Mikey “Method” So definitely have more than enough confidence to go around but I really think Moum was a source of it. Since then they have brought in a very composed Jorgen “XeqtR” Johannessen and have now added Eriksson to their ranks.

This team will have a different feel. Eriksson will add to the workman like attitude that NoA really developed after they added Johanessen, and with the desire to beat NiP, watch out. This move could turn out to be a positive in the long run; the only question will be if Eriksson’s style of play can be incorporated with NoA’s.

Moum’s defensive M4 ability differs from Eriksson, who is much more of an offensive AK favored player. Of Moum’s Gamesense frags 42% of them came with an M4 while by comparison Eriksson used the AK 48% of the time. Look for strong offensive play from NoA but they’ll need So and Johannessen to step up on the defensive side to replace the loss of Moum.

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