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By: Rooster

Let me start off by saying that Counter-Strike is a popular game in the eSports community. But that is exactly what Counter-Strike is: a game. My name is Matthew, better known in game as “Rooster” and I am a member of team HERO. In the many months that I have been playing Counter-Strike, I could not help but notice the lack of maturity and respect coming from many opposing teams that we have scrimmed and played against. I feel that maturity and professionalism is essential to being a well respected team and we at team HERO strive to do exactly that. However, this is not why I am writing this article. The reason I am writing this article is because some tend to take the lack of maturity and respect to a whole new level and feel that it is okay because it is just a game. I beg to differ. The Counter-Strike community, especially the players who competitively play it, are slowly bogging the game and the community down with immature acts and a lack of respect. It is like they have taken all that has been taught to them in life and are just throwing it out the window because they are in a virtual environment. I feel that this is due to people either not knowing any better or just not caring for other people’s feelings and wellbeing. The commonly used term for the ones I am describing is “e-thugs”.

These people are the ones who constantly run their mouths and show the whole community the true meaning of the word idiocy. Some people think these “e-thugs” are “cool” and join along in their rants and flames, but most do not. I would just like to point out that not every member on these teams acts this way, but it often seems as if there is at least one on every team, especially in the lower brackets of competitive play. These are the people that get insulted about their age as well as their maturity and manners. I would like to say that the ones who make these accusations and insults are no better than the ones who are causing the problems in your scrims, pubs, and matches. Actually, it just creates more of a problem then already exists. Sometimes it is better just to keep your mouth shut in cases like these. Not only do you stoop to the level of the problem maker, but you are probably wasting your team’s practice time as well. Usually this situation escalates to be to the point that your leaders or the server admins just cannot take it anymore and end up kicking the opposing team half way through the scrim. There is no reason that anyone should lash out at another person who has no conscience or manners because you will hurt your team along the way.

My word of advice is to stay silent and only talk via voice chat or message mode 2. For the ones who are starting these problems, I just want to ask you one thing. Do you go into another person’s home that you do not know and act immaturely and disrespectfully, or do you actually have a conscience that tells you to be respectful and act appropriately in this person’s home? I know exactly what this answer is unless the said person is so ignorant that he or she does not know the difference between right and wrong or that person just does not care. With that said, I encourage everyone to bring their manners and their maturity into every server they go into because, not only does it help the community and players, but it also makes you look good by leaving a good impression on the opposing team and viewers, thus gaining respect for yourself and your team. Respect is something that is earned, not given.

Now I want to move on to something different. This is in regards of the younger people who play Counter-Strike competitively. I feel that it is of the utmost importance to treat Counter-Strike as a hobby or an after school activity. This means that you do not think about the game until it is time to think about the game. If you are not following me, what I am trying to say is that you need to do what is in your best interest in life instead of putting a game before your personal goals. For the younger players, this means going to school and studying hard. When you get home from school, do your homework and study for that big test that is coming up, then sit down and have a nice quiet dinner with your parents or guardians. Talk to them about what you are learning because you could teach them something as well. After this is done then, and only then, is the time to get your game face on because you have the rest of the night at your disposal to do whatever you wish, whether it be hanging out with your friends and going out, or actually getting in game and practicing with your Counter-Strike team.

To the leaders of teams who have younger players in them, I strongly encourage you to take a role in keeping up to date with these players’ grades and academic responsibilities. Point out to them that Counter-Strike is not life. It is just a game, and that these young players’ future in life is what is important. I feel that if grades are slipping and these players are not doing what they are supposed to be doing to stay ahead in life, the team leaders should “bench” them until they bring their grades back up. In school sports for instance, if a player of that particular sport does not make the grades, then they do not play the game. I feel that this should be carried on in Counter-Strike as well. Education is very important as well as a great stepping-stone for people of all ages, and should not be tarnished or disregarded because of the distraction that a game such as Counter-Strike brings. Too many times have I witnessed teenagers doing more with gaming then academics and their report cards show it. So please do what is important for your team members and yourself. Only good things will come to you if you take this advice. Do gaming in your free time after you take care of the more important things in life.

In conclusion, I feel that everyone can enjoy Counter-Strike, or any game for that matter, more if they take to heart the suggestions that I have written in this article. It takes less effort to act mature, responsible, and respectfully then it does not to. This should even improve your game because of the more relaxed environment that you are helping to preserve around your teammates and the teams you play. It will help your team click and play more effectively. It will cause less tension between your team members and your opponents, as well as gain respect for not just yourself, but your whole team. Do your homework and make sure that education comes first. This will get your parents off your back and gain more trust with them so there is less tension and more freedom at home so you can enjoy not only Counter-Strike, but life itself, without petty things getting in the way of what you want to do. It will make your team look good to the parents of the players who are already nervous about their son or daughter playing a game that displays violent activities and put them at ease a bit by continuing to allow these great younger players to play the game, because they feel more secure that your team cares about their child’s future. In the end, not only will you be helping the parents, players, and community with these suggestions, but you will also feel better about yourself, knowing that you are doing the right thing. So please take my advice and treat Counter-Strike like a life situation. It is not as important as other things in life and it will be more fun for you, and everyone around you, if you strive to keep the immature nonsense out of it.

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