coL outawped by the Russians


By: Jason Bass

The former Superpowers battling out in China, who would have thought a match like this was possible ten years ago in any game let alone Counter-Strike. Still, here we sit watching de_cbble be fought over by the AWPs of fRoD, Aleksey and Viktor.

Both teams attacked the match in a very similar approach. Complexity likes to attack with fRoD’s AWP spearheading their offense and anchoring their defense. Virtus.Pro does a similar situation but uses the dual approach of Aleksey and Viktor. The Russians similar to a basketball team living and dying by the three pointer, live and die by the effectiveness of their AWPs. On de_cbble they not only lived, they flourished.

Offensively the Russian Virtus.Pro was just too strong.

Their ability to take the main spawn bombsite was just undeniable. Strong aggressive hall attacks limited the AWP potential of fRoD who played the main bombsite while Sunman and a combination of Storm and Warden played support. The problems began sooner though as Complexity was actually able to pick up a pistol round, something they are not known for doing.

Two big frags by Sunman opened up the counterattack after a Virtus.Pro plant, then Sunman also came in for the defuse to win the round. The win was great but the next round was the huge error. An early buy devastated Complexity’s momentum with Aleksey’s four huge AK frags.

The importance of this loss was that it dropped Complexity out of the ability to buy AWP’s early putting them behind as the match played out. This eliminated fRoD from the early part of the match leaving coL to rely on the hot hands of Sunman. The score also drop to 1-3 in the first half, Complexity then came back in the 5th round to pick up its only round out of the next five.

This was the key stretch of the match. The following four rounds doomed Complexity’s chance of winning the map. On a heavily CT favored de_cbble, Complexity had to get at least 10 rounds to have a shot at winning the match. Ending up with only eight, these important wins by Virtus.Pro decided the match.

What happened was Complexity’s inability to stop the pushes into the main spawn bombsite. Effective attacks with good smokes and flashes by Virtus.Pro put coL on their heels, which is not where the team is most effective. The rounds that the Americans did win was on their aggressive stacks and pushes into the middle, but during this key stretch Virtus.Pro controlled the tempo and put Complexity into the lower bracket.

The second half was a desperate hope by Americans to get back into it. This wasn’t a reality though as the superior AWP skills of Aleksey and Viktor gave coL no chance to take any bombsite once the gun rounds arrived.

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