A Look Back At CPL Winter 2006



It’s been seven days since fnatic cruised to their CPL Championship victory over Meet Your Makers, today we look back at the event.

2006 is coming to an end with the New Year only a short five days away. The final LAN of the year was the CPL’s annual winter event last week in Dallas, Texas. It was a great tournament that saw some surprising results with many close matches as well as a few unexpected blowouts. The tournament also witnessed the true debut of GotFrag TV (check out the VOD’s here).

Fnatic finally managed to get that elusive title they have been searching for for so long despite many close calls (i.e. ESWC). Meet Your Makers surprised many by making it into the finals, but unfortunately were no match for the Swedish team. JaX Money Crew proved all naysayers wrong by once again placing as the top American team at the CPL after doing so at the Winter 2005 tournament where they finished 3rd.

Tournament Player MVP

Sweden Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg (fnatic) – f0rest has been a force to be reckoned with all year long. He has been one of the most consistently dominating players all year and is worthy of a player of the year award. In the first map of the Grand Finals game against MYM, he devastated the Norwegians with 30 frags and a +18 frag balance ratio1. Overall he racked up 297 frags, a +98 frag balance ratio, 92.8 DAR2 and 0.874 FPR3.

CPL 2006 CS Final Standings

1. Sweden fnatic
2. Norway Meet Your Makers
3. Poland Pentagram G-Shock
4. France Against All Authority
5. China Hacker Gaming
6. South Korea Project_kr
7. Finland 69�N-28�E
8. United States JaX Money Crew HLTV Demos
 Gamesense Statistics
 GotFrag TV VOD’s
 Tournament Coverage

Top Three Team Performances

1. Sweden fnatic – Well this is as obvious as it gets as fnatic really brought their play to a whole new level this weekend. They lost just one game all tournament long at that was their opening map of their best of three series against 69�N-28�E. They rebounded quickly and took the remaining two maps in convincing fashion with 16-5 and 16-6 results. This is a very well deserving victory for a team that has come so close on many occasions but failed to get that illustrious championship.

2. Poland Pentagram G-Shock – After a devastating result the week before at the WSVG Grand Finals, Pentagram really rebounded well. Right out of the gate the Polish team really showed why they have been one of the best teams in the second half of 2006. In the group stages they dismantled g3x 29-1 and beat a very strong Project_kr team 17-13. The team swept both JMC and Pandemic in the single elimination best of three bracket before falling to fnatic in the Semi Finals. In the consolation game, they just walked over Against All Authority with 16-4 and 16-5 wins.

3. Norway Meet Your Makers – This team actually did not look too strong all tournament long, but still managing to come in second is saying something. This roster has not been together very long with ElemenT only joining up only a month before hand. Regardless of all that, this team was undefeated up until they had to play fnatic in the finals and they beat teams such as EG, Project_kr, JMC, Check Six, and aAa.

Top Three Player Performances

1. Poland Filip “Neo” Kubski (PGS) – Neo went nuts this tournament blowing away all other players with a stifling 354 frags and +151 frag ratio. Filip was in the positive in all of his matches except for against United 5 when he had -6 frag ratio. Other than that small blip, he was consistently devastating his opponents throughout the tournament.

2. Sweden Harley “dsn” �rwall (fnatic) – Not to be outdone by his teammate, dsn really came to play at this event. In the second game of the Grand Finals he was red hot taking down a total of 24 enemies and only falling 8 times en route to helping his team seal the victory. Overall, dsn had 271 frags with a +73 ratio and 0.795 FPR.

3. United States Kevin “aZn” Wang (zEx) – aZn has really been tearing up the Counter-Strike scene this year and almost always is the top fragger for his team. Kevin really helped zEx all tournament long with his +71 ratio followed by m4gic who was only +25. In their game against compLexity, aZn was +20 throughout the game. Kevin was also the only player out of the entire tournament to have a FPR greater than 1 (1.033).

You can check out the GotFrag Got Skills? statistical awards on the next page.

1 Frag Balance is total frags minus total deaths
2 DAR stands for average damage dealt per round
3 FPR stands for frags per round (average)
4 Assists are when a player does 50+ damage to an opponent but his teammate gets the frag.

Got Skills? (Highest Five Frags Per Round Totals)

1. United States Kevin “aZn” Wang (zEx) – FPR: 1.033 – DAR: 97.1 – Ratio: +71
2. United States Derrik “impulsivE” Truong (Turmoil) – FPR: 0.966 – DAR: 93.3 – Ratio: +54
3. Norway Sondre “REAL” Svanevik (MYM) – FPR: 0.956 – DAR: 95.4 – Ratio: +124
4. Poland Filip “Neo” Kubski (PGS) – FPR: 0.927 – DAR: 99.3 – Ratio: +151
5. United States Mikey “method” So (3D) – FPR: 0.895 – DAR: 84.4 – Ratio: +70

Got Baited? (Highest number of Assists4)

1. China Wei “forever” Yu (Hacker.GM) – Assists: 77 – FPR: 0.783 – DAR: 88.1 – Ratio: +71
2. France Fergus “ferg” Stephenson (aAa) – Assists: 72 – FPR: 0.696 – DAR: 82.4 – Ratio: -16
3. Poland Mariusz “Loord” Cybulski (PGS) – Assists: 67 – FPR: 0.751 – DAR: 80.4 – Ratio: +75

Tournament Awards

Top Frag Total: Poland Filip “Neo” Kubski (PGS) – 354
Top FPR: United States Kevin “aZn” Wang (zEx) – 1.033
Most Aces: Brazil Raphael “cogu” Camargo (MiBR) – 3
Highest DAR: Poland Filip “Neo” Kubski (PGS) – 99.3
Best +/-: Poland Filip “Neo” Kubski (PGS) – +151

You can check out full tournament stats from every match of the 2006 CPL Championship Finals here.

Surprise of the Tournament

France Against All Authority – No one really expected much out of this team despite them winning the CPL Italy tournament. This team has not much international spotlight and likely were not taken as too much of a threat. Although their road to their fourth place finish can be considered a rather easy one, the finish itself shows that this team is capable of some impressive results.

Stock Rising

China Hacker Gaming – There aren’t many teams that fit into this category right, and Hacker Gaming may just be the closest. From the moment wNv crushed coL and won WEG Masters earlier this year, many people have said that Chinese teams can’t do it outside of China. Hacker Gaming is trying to break that stereotype and they have done a decent job at accomplishing that by performing pretty well at both the WSVG Finals and CPL event. Still, they don’t seem to have played to their full potential just yet and I am sure many people were expecting a better finish for this team, but these two tournaments is definitely a stepping stone for this team.

Stock Falling

Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas – It’s hard to say this after such a strong year the team has had, but back to back poor performances at the last two major LAN tournaments of the year is just not what is expected from a world class team like NiP. The United States did not prove friendly for these five Swedish players these past few weeks but there is no doubt that they will be anxious to bounce back in 2007.

International Flavor

8 for 8 – Perhaps for the first time ever at a CPL, the top eight ranked teams from this tournament all come from a different nation. In order from first to eighth the countries are as follows: Sweden, Norway, Poland, France, China, Korea, Finland, and USA.

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